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Why Introduce This Program?

At Incresing HOPE more than 85% of our clients are black/African American.  Most are members of local congregations and churches.   In order to better serve it is our desire to meet the community where they are. Not only meet them where they are, but to speak their language in order to help facilitate change in their money management behavior.   We are convinced the partnership with dfee will help us do that.

Debt remains an obstacle:
  • Close to one-half of African Americans have less than three months of emergency expenses.
  • Three-quarters have a mortgage that is underwater, with nearly 30% owing more on their home than it is worth.

Ref: Mass Mutual Study

The primary financial challenge for African-American families is controlling debt. A higher percentage has credit card and student loan debt than does any other group. Almost three-quarters of African-American families have credit card debt (an average of $12,018), compared to slightly more than half of the general population. Student loans are held by 28 percent. Three-quarters have mortgages, with nearly 30 percent owing more on their homes than they are currently worth.

Financial Freedom Movement

What is dfree®?

Founded in 2005 by DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., dfree® is a financial freedom movement that addresses the cultural, psychological and spiritual influences on financial wellness and offers practical strategies for achieving financial success. As the only faith-based, wealth-building system specifically designed with the black community in mind, dfree® delivers access to financial freedom.


dfree® is a transformational, lifestyle movement that promotes financial freedom through values-based principles and practical approaches to financial management.

The D Factor:

Only dfree® educates, motivates and supports you to achieve financial freedom through faith-based guidance, which keeps you focused on your purpose so that you will take action to achieve specific goals that will secure your future. By joining the dfree® movement, you become part of a community of liked-willed people who support each other and contribute to the greater good.


Through an increase in spiritual growth, confidence, self-esteem and personal discipline, dfree® participants will experience radical financial transformation. Such a profound lifestyle change in individuals will create ripple effects that positively impact our communities overall.

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