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Introduction to Financial Freedom

Cost: $67

This is the self-study version of our most popular training.   No longer do you have to worry about your schedule fitting our training schedule.  With the purchase of this product you will learn how to develop a money mindset, create a spending plan that works for you and increase your credit worthiness at your own pace.

Kingdom Conscious Money Management

Cost: $5.97

Kingdom Conscious Money Management is a 62 pages of life altering information you will not hear from the pulpit.  This “little” book has the answers you have been desperately searching for!  Purchasing it will challenge…. and then change you. Guaranteed.   

Kingdom Conscious Money Management + Bonus CD

Cost: $67

In this study you will receive power packed instruction specifically designed for churches and faith-based congregations.  This training will challenge you to take a look at the way you are handling the finances you’ve been called to manage. What is the focus of your spending? Is it yourself or is it the Kingdom of God. Becoming Kingdom Conscious will change your life!  “Kingdom Consciousness” is a mentality that focuses on bringing glory to God, not just in tithes paid and seeds sown, but in every area of personal finance!   This training will revolutionize your thinking and how you handle your finances.

Credit Fundamentals

Cost: $30

Are you tired of being denied credit because of low credit score or a bad credit history? Have you had your applications rejected time and time again or had to settle for a ridiculously high interest rate because you didn’t qualify for the preferred advertised rate. In this 2-CD training you will learn:

  • Exactly what to say to your creditors when they call
  • How to pull your reports
  • Which actions will improve your score the fastest
  • And so much more….

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