Get the IN on Insurance

Most people pay little attention to the details of their health insurance until something unexpected happens.

Many insurance questions and concerns come into focus when you are in the know.

  • Small Business
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Get Your House In Order – Declutter to Sell

There are a variety of things that are out of your control when selling your home, including market conditions, location, price – but the one thing that is totally within your control and that you can really do something about, is the look and feel of your home (inside and out).

  • Housing & Homeownership
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Striving to reach the American Dream of Home Ownership?

Americans strive every day to reach the American Dream –owning a home. Join us for Homebuyer 101 to get a 360 view of what to expect and some useful tips to help you reach your home ownership goal.

  • Housing & Homeownership
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Credit Clean UP

If you’ve had a few diversions along the road to financial freedom and you’re looking for information on how to clean up your credit, join us to find out what steps you should
take to potentially give your credit score a healthy boost.

  • Housing & Homeownership
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Get Your Affairs in Order

Getting your affairs in order can be difficult, but it is an important part of preparing for the future, for you and your loved ones.
It is important to gather as much information as possible to help ease the process. Let us help with questions that you may have.

  • Housing & Homeownership
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Dr. DeForest Soaries, Jr. shares a groundbreaking, life-changing approach to financial wellness that views financial bondage as an emotional, spiritual, and psychological problem.

  • Housing & Homeownership
  • Women's Business Center
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