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Tuesday, January 24-Tuesday, February 28    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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dfree™ is not just another financial literacy program that assumes that all people need is information. Dr. DeForest Soaries, Jr. shares a groundbreaking, life-changing approach to financial wellness that views financial bondage as an emotional, spiritual, and psychological problem.
The dfree™ movement provides twelve easy, attainable steps to help you:
  • Get started on your debt by admitting the problem, addressing the mess, and adjusting your attitude.
  • Get control by creating a spending plan, becoming accountable, and setting goals
  • Get ahead by building wealth, planning your will and estate, and celebrating your success.
And give back by investing in others, through tithing, mentoring, and leading your own dfree™ movement. Eliminating debt is the first step toward financial freedom. And YOU can do it.
Why is it called dfree® lifestyle? The three principles that dfree® promotes are very simple:
  • No debt: Pay as we go, use cash and debit cards rather than credit cards. Live without debt.
  • No delinquencies: Pay bills on time avoid late payments and late fees.
  • No deficits: Live below our means and spend less than we earn.
According to Dr. Soaries: These foundational principles translate into financial wellness, and the money we find builds a path toward wealth creation.