Fact Finder Seminar

Are you unsure about being mortgage ready (credit worthy)?

Would you be willing to take the steps to get ready, if you just had help?

Have you been to other places for help, only to be disappointed?

Do you wish you had someone who specializes in helping you?

The Fact Finder Seminar is for you!



Increasing H.O.P.E will help you turn those disappointments into a success story. The Fact Finder is a monthly information seminar that is FREE to attend. You will find out how to get started on the path to homeownership by finding out exactly where you are in the home buying process.

We promise to come along side you in the process to coach and counsel you in a personal way.
  • We will teach you how to stop money problems from controlling your life
  • We will provide One-on One counseling to make sure you are ready for homeownership
  • Create a step by step plan to help you reach goals and deadlines for qualification

Let us work with you …to get you ready for homeownership!

Home Ownership Class Registration

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