Peter McClintock

Housing & Credit Counselor

As Housing & Credit Counselor, McClintock helps first-time homebuyers realize their dreams. He uses his extensive experience in the banking world, as well as his skills as a HUD Certified Housing Counselor, to guide and encourage clients through the necessary steps in purchasing a home. McClintock also assists clients in rebuilding their credit.

McClintock is the retired past Executive Vice President of New England Bank, where his leadership included oversight of the Retail Branches, Deposit Operations, Corporate Cash Management, and Marketing disciplines. Before that, McClintock was Executive Vice President of Fleet Bank and managed the Connecticut-based Branch Banking Network and Small Business Lending operations. He has experience in commercial lending and credit administration, human resources, and in compliance functions.

McClintock is a graduate of the Drexel University Class of 1972 with a B.S. in Business and Marketing. He completed a 5-year Co-op program at Drexel leading to his entry into the commercial banking world.

After his retirement, McClintock moved to Charleston in 2016. He joined Increasing H.O.P.E. that same year. McClintock has been married for 46 years; he and his wife, Dalia, have two grown children and two grandchildren.

“What keeps me going is serving others and assisting them in pursuit of their dreams of homeownership and financial freedom,” McClintock says.

Little-known fact: McClintock lettered for the golf team while at Drexel University.