H.E.R Institute

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Are you ready to become independent and build a life for you and your family?

Do you want to use your entrepreneurial skills to do it?

Let H.E.R. Institute help you!

Whether you are a licensed cosmetologist, massage therapist, home health care provider, wedding planner, photographer or work-from-home artist, small business education is the key to your independence! Learning business basics will help you to create a solid, profitable business you and your family can not only be proud of, but rely on for years to come.

H.E.R. Institute is committed to providing you with the money management principles and small business education that will position you for success! This comprehensive small business training program covers all of the following:

*Personal Development & The Entrepreneurial Mindset

*  Business Development & Licensing

*  Sales & Marketing

*  Personal & Business Financial Management

* Customer Service

*  Personnel & Human Resource Development

*  And more!

You’ll have everything you need within this one program to start, manage and grow a successful small business! Whether you are working from home or have a stand-alone location, you will be equipped for long-term success in the marketplace. And, most importantly, you won’t have to dedicate a lot of time to your preparation!

This 6-month intensive training program offers you the flexibility you need to learn and complete your course work quickly, while still taking care of your responsibilities at home.

You will have:

*  (12) Small Business Training classes presented in-person only twice per month

*  (6) Live group coaching sessions conveniently presented twice per month via teleseminar w/ downloads for later review

* (3) One-on-One accountability sessions at Month 2, Month 4 and Month 6

If your desire is to take the dream you currently have and build a business that will transform your life and change your current circumstances, H.E.R. Institute is a perfect fit for you.

We’re here to help you stand on your own and provide for your household using the skills you have already gained. It’s time to declare your independence!

To enroll today, click here.