Sweet 16 Birthday Celebration Week

It’s our 16th Birthday and we’re celebrating with events all week!
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All events this week will be from 11AM-12:30PM


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Tuesday, April 20th – Increasing H.O.P.E.’s 16th Birthday!

Virtual and Socially Distanced In-Person Birthday Party

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Wednesday, April 21 – Small Business Panel 

This panel will address five major areas of difficulty faced by many small business owners.

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Thursday, April 22nd – Community Financial Forum and Pitch Event

Covering Three Major Areas of Financial Concern 

  1. Personal Finance
    1. Emergency Fund 
    2. Budgeting
    3. Debt Freedom
    4. Homeownership
  2. Small Business Finance
    1. Creating your Financials
    2. Importance of Business Plans and Financial Forecasts
    3. Proper Insurances
    4. Business Processes
    5. Funding
  3. Expanding Your Business
    1. Patents
    2. Growing and Scaling Your Business
    3. The Importance of a Business Mentor and Coach

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Friday, April 23rd – Workforce Management Spotlight

  1. Importance of Customer Service
  2. Importance of Team/ Staff Morale
  3. Importance of Soft Skills
  4. Employee Happiness and Work Outcomes

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